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Dear Fang, With Love - Rufi Thorpe

I adore this book. 


The characters are fully realized, even the minor ones. They're vivid, fresh and tangible, as if I had just met them myself. Vera is smart, independent, funny and a bit ruthless. Which I like. Her father, ironically, the perfect narrator for her, and their, story. 


It's always moving forward, even if it doesn't seem like it. Everything has a place, every moment a reason and a time, without bogging down or taking away. There's clues, subtle yet plain to see and clear as day once you get to the end. At least for me, however I don't have much experience with the issues the book deals with, so others may have the upper hand. But I was fooled and was, and still am, delighted by that trick. Well done madam. 


It's a beautiful book that was made with love, and I love it.